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h squared engineering uses solid works color h squared engineering uses solid works color h squared engineering uses solid works color

H Squared engineers are experts in the 3D models, drawing packages, and prototypes. We have worked extensively with companies in the chemical engineering, food and beverage, sanitation, and equipment fields.

H Squared quotes our services based on fixed price or time and material contracts. Contact us for a quote on your project, and we will work with you to meet your budget and schedule.

Modeling, Design, and Rendering:

H Squared Engineering uses the latest software from SolidWorks for unprecedented modeling and design detail. SolidWorks paired with the Simulation (formally COSMOS) analysis suite, allows the team to design and analyze components faster and cheaper than ever before. This three dimensional software has unlimited capabilities to move and alter components to ensure accurate assemblies even with the most complex shapes.


Using the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) package, linear and nonlinear stress analysis, thermal buckling, drop testing, and other optimizations can be performed to guarantee that the customer gets the best results. Further testing and analysis can be performed using motion software. SolidWorks motion can also be used to create training videos by paring the analysis simulation with up-to-date video software.

AutoCAD Design Packages:

H Squared Engineering also works with AutoCAD for any design layouts and diagrams. HSquared has created cleaning system diagrams, pump diagrams, and plant layout plans. Furthermore, AutoCAD is used to seamlessly convert 3D models into standard drawing packages.


H Squared Engineering can take any picture or model and turn it into a prototype for you. We work with multiple materials to provide a Stereolithography model that can verify function, form, and patterns. Sterolighraphy, also known as 3D printing, optical fabrication, and solid imaging can produce a rapid prototype of the design at a fraction of the cost. Another option is a one off machined prototype that we can make for you to verify your design and reduce risk.

Patent Drawings:

Using AutoCAD or Solidworks, H Squared can work with you to provide drawings and applications for a any new patent. H Squared is also willing to sign a Non Disclosure Agreements when working on new product concepts.

Toll Free: 1.800.305.9082