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We will save you money!

"There are several major advantages to using ICs [independent contractors] rather than employees, with financial savings topping the list." -Forbes.com

Although our hourly rate may be slightly higher than you would pay an employee, you will be saving significantly. Through hiring an independent contractor for your engineering needs, you will save yourself the cost of benefits, vacation pay, taxes, unemployment insurance, and workers' compensation. We will also provide our own equipment and workspace, eliminating even more of your overhead expenses. Additionally, independent contractors do not get paid for down time. If we are not working, you are not being charged.

We will increase your efficiency!

If you have an urgent job, independent engineering contractors can respond in a matter of days, when it would take weeks to hire and train employees. Independent contractors have the experience and expertise needed to get your job done quickly and efficiently, and we bring knowledge and a fresh point of view to your projects.

We will provide you with flexibility!

Do you have tons of work now, but not sure of what the future holds? Hire independent contractors by the job, with no need to guarantee future work. This will relieve the stress and cost of unnecessary hiring and laying-off.

"Businesses that use contractors tend to be more profitable because they can use contractors on an ad hoc basis [and] don't need to pay for downtime" Michael Alter - President, SurePayroll

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